iPhone Password Recovery Part 2

Once you are sure that your computer meets the required specifications and you have downloaded all of the files used for password recovery you can begin the process. Keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily easy the first time that you try it and sometimes it will not work at all usually when your phone has been upgraded beyond a supported firmware version. While there has been some conflicting information it appears that the Gecko Toolkit will work with most devices all of the way up to 6.0.1. I have not confirmed this and have only performed the recovery on phones up to 5.0.1.

Start by connecting your phone to the computer using your USB data cable. You should now open the Gecko Toolkit program and use the menu at the left to locate your device. If your phone, iPod or tablet is not shown then it is not supported. Once you have selected the right device click on the boot option. This causes your computer to open the RedSn0w program assuming that it has been installed. Follow the steps shown in RedSn0w to place your phone into DFU mode. Now simply wait until you see “OK” on the phones display. This may take several minutes.

Once the OK message appears you can move on to the next step. Close the RedSn0w dialogue and execute the Launch command in the Gecko Toolkit window. This process should not take much longer than thirty minutes at the most but there are cases where it may take an hour. Any longer than that and something is probably not configured properly.

Once the process has been completed you should see your password displayed in the Gecko window. Otherwise you may see an error message. If there is any reference to a complex pass code then you do not have a four digit numeric password and there is no way to recover your iPhone lock code. You may still use the “Bypass iphone disabled” tab and try entering your password again. If you see parameter warnings or mux errors then there is a problem with the way the program is running and you will have to change a few things around but you shouldn’t give up just yet.


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