Gecko Toolkit Terms and Conditions

Software download purchases cannot be returned or refunded. If you cannot follow instructions to the letter then please DO NOT BUY this product! Once you make a purchase and download the program we have no control over what you do with it. The Gecko Toolkit does exactly what it  is designed for assuming that you are working with an eligible device and follow our instructions to the letter. Smart Phone Password makes no guarantees regarding the Gecko Toolkit. While the program works with many iPhones, iPods and the first iPad in some cases it may not be compatible with your device or system. Be sure that your device is listed below as a supported model

  • iPad 1st generation up to 5.1.1 software version
  • iPhone 3G (bypass disabled screen only-will not recover password)
  • iPhone 3GS up to 5.1.1 software version
  • iPhone 4 up to 5.1.1 software version
  • iPod Touch 2-3rd generation (bypass disabled screen only-will not recover password)
  • iPod Touch 4th generation up to 6.0 software version

The Gecko Toolkit WILL NOT recover complex passwords. It will only find simple four digit numeric codes, 0000-9999. While we have never seen a device damaged by using the software it has not been tested by Apple nor do they approve of it’s use. We are not responsible for anything that you do with the Toolkit or your device. There are no refunds if you are unsuccessful with recovering your password. You may use the Gecko Toolkit with as many devices as you choose to but you may not sell, share or upload the program to any third party website. The developer worked very hard to create this handy program. Please respect the fact that he owns the right to it. If you have any doubts about this please DO NOT PURCHASE or use the Toolkit!

By proceeding you agree to our terms.
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