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Notice: Software download purchases are neither returnable nor refundable.

Before you download make sure that your device and computer meet the requirements listed on this page.

For a limited time you can purchase the software for $9.99 by clicking on the Gecko image to the right. The fees collected for your download are used to cover costs associated with maintaining this website and to compensate the software author for his time investment.

This file has been tested and is virus free although some programs may show false positive results. We have been using the Gecko Toolkit for more than a year in a professional environment without any problems. We have also never had any damage occur to the devices that we recover passwords from. On occasion it may be necessary to perform a “hard reset” if your phone screen goes blank for an extended period of time. If you have any concerns about using the Gecko Toolkit you can instead perform a full restore but this will delete any saved information that you have stored on your iPhone or iPod.

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Will this put a virus on my computer?

If you downloaded the Toolkit from us then you are 100% safe. Don’t take our word for it though. You can check the Virus Total report by following this link. If you found a hacked version of the Gecko Toolkit elsewhere then we cannot guarantee that it won’t harm your computer. Always use the official download page when you purchase software.

Will the Gecko Toolkit work with Windows XP?

No. Currently the Gecko Toolkit does not work with XP or Mac OS. It may work with Windows 8 using the command line prompt method. More on this coming soon.

When I click the boot button why does RedSn0w show an “Unexpected Parameter” error?

This can happen when .NET Framework 4 is not installed. You may download it here. If you already have installed the .NET Framework 4.0 and still get this error you might need to make sure that all files are extracted on system C.

Why does my virus program shows the Gecko Toolkit as being a threat?

Because you are using Avast. If you downloaded the Toolkit from us then this is a false positive. Go here for the Virus Total report. If you want a reliable anti-malware tool that is up to date consider AVG or Malwarebytes. Their free versions work very well.

Error messages

Below are some errors that have been reported when using the Gecko Toolkit. We will update this section on a continuing basis.

  • INIT FAILED (mux thread)! Possible causes: iTunes 9 or newer is NOT installed. Could not bind to the port 2202 (make sure only one instance is running!”

Uninstalling the latest itunes and Apple mobile device support from uninstall programs menu in control panel, then downgrading iTunes should do the trick, you can get old version from

It could also be that you are running the app 2 times (just reboot pc and try again that case), or potentially firewall blocking, although those are less likely. To be honest the program is a little picky, but most people figure it out with a bit of fiddling. It still beats paying silly money for those forensic tools, like 12k a year.

  • cannot dl firmware after 6000 mls!! Giving up….

This is a standard error and shouldn’t affect functionality, it’s referring to wifi/bb firmware loading, snce it’s essentially in a temporary stage where the filesystem isn’t loaded it can’t find those ‘drivers’. But the actual reading of the pass should still go fine since it’s doesn’t depend on those elements being loaded at that time just make sure you select the right IPSW the program prompts.

  • unsupported device UNSUPPORTED

This may be a problem with the java loader on syringe. Also make sure that your device is supported. The Toolkit will not work with iPhone 4S+, iPad 2+, iPod Touch 5th generation, etc.

I am still having problems even though my device is on the supported list

The Gecko Toolkit functions with a variety of iOS versions but is dependent on the correct .NET frame work, Java and iTunes version. If you are running anything above 5.1.1 you may need to experiment with different combinations of all the above. In many cases it may be helpful to downgrade your java/iTunes version.

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