Android Password Recovery

If you forgot the pass code or pattern for your Android phone you have a couple of different options. The first is to try recovering your password using Gmail. The second is performing a factory reset. The first option will allow you to save information stored on your phone if you are successful. The second option will most likely delete most if not all of the information that you have stored on your cell phone. Any information which is stored on your Micro SD should not be affected but it won’t hurt to remove it just in case. For the first option however you might need to have your SIM card inside of the phone in order to perform the process. You can rest assured that your SIM card should not be affected in any way during this procedure.

Update: Some Android Lock Patterns may be bypassed using the procedure shown below.

If your phone has been rooted you may be able to remove the file that contains the lock pattern information. By doing so you can effectively bypass the Android pattern lock altogether. For anyone who has forgotten what their lock pattern is and does not have a recovery email option this is great news. For anyone who has lost their phone this is a good reason to change the passwords of any accounts which may be stored on the phone. Of course most dishonest people would simply perform a factory reset if they found or stole your cell phone it is better to be safe than sorry. Unfortunately any data stored on a micro SD card will be accessible to anyone who has possession of the device. All of this is a good argument for installing some sort of remote wiping software but we will get to that later. Below is a video demonstrating how to bypass the Nexus 5 lock screen.

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If you know the email address and password associated with your Play Store account you can reset your unlock code or pattern. In order to use your Gmail account to reset your lock pattern you will need access to the internet either through your carriers data connection or through Wi-Fi. Just follow the steps below to reset your Android unlock pattern.

  1. Attempt to enter an unlock pattern or code until you have tried too many times.
  2. Select “Forgot Pattern” from the bottom of the screen.
  3. Log in to your Gmail account.
  4. Select your preference for a new unlock pattern from the menu on the screen.
  5. Enter and confirm your new unlock pattern.

After completing these steps you should have the option to enter a backup PIN code. If you forget your pattern in the future you can use the backup PIN to get into your Android phone again.

Note: If you don’t remember your password but you do know the email account name try using “null” as the password. In some cases this might allow you to access the phone and reset your pattern. This will only work with some Android phones.