Android Factory Reset

If you aren’t concerned with preserving any of the information stored on in your  Android device you can perform a factory reset. Normally this option is accessible through the settings menu on your phone. Since you are reading this page we will assume that you are not able to access the menu since you are locked out of your phone. Performing a factory reset will erase most if not all of the information stored on your phone. If you do not follow the directions properly you can also cause some unexpected problems to occur so do this at your own risk.

Since lost and forgotten passwords are a regular occurrence Google has designed their operating system to allow a reset in two different ways. If you are unable to remember or recover your log in credentials you can perform something known as a hard reset using the buttons built into your phone or tablet. In order for this to be possible the buttons required for the process must obviously be in good working condition. Your battery should also be fully charged.


Each phone will use a certain combination of buttons most commonly being the volume down and power button. If the process below does not work for your phone you will need to do a bit more research or watch one of our hard reset videos. We will continue to add videos as new phones and Android OS versions become available. In most cases this will be the process that you should follow.

  1. Remove the battery from your phone.
  2. Replace the battery but do not turn the phone on yet.
  3. Hold the volume down button and then press the power button as you continue holding the volume button.
  4. Once the “splash screen” shows your phones manufacturer logo continue holding the volume button but release the power button.
  5. After the phone turns on you should be presented with a boot loader menu.
  6. Release the volume button and then use the volume up or down control and navigate to the clear storage option.
  7. Click the power button to confirm your selection.
  8. You should now be presented with a confirmation option. Select yes.

At this point your phone should reset itself back to the way it was when you purchased it with the exception of any software upgrades which have been performed since then. In some cases photos may remain on the phone so if you were hoping to preserve them you might just be in luck.

If this process did not work for you try using both volume buttons during step 3. You can also try using the volume up, camera or voice control button if available. If you are still having trouble try searching for your specific phone model and add the term “hard reset” to your query.